Maintaining A Professional Relationship

Maintaining a relationship can be difficult but maintaining a professional relationship when working with your partner could be tricky also. Not only do you have to worry about reporting your relationship to HR but also, you may find yourself worrying about your behavior even if it is not as inappropriate as you may think it is.

When I first got the call to come for an interview with the company where my girlfriend works at, the only thought I had at the time was “I am one step closer to getting that much needed summer job.” I had been looking for a job for over four months prior to getting hired at my current job, and the thought of not being able to gather enough money for rent over the summer was beginning to hunt me. However, it was not until my first week working with my girlfriend that I realized that I was getting myself in a situation that I never gave much thought to.

We agreed jointly that there was no need to report our relationship to HR. Our reasoning behind it was that there was really no reason to. If something were to happen between us, we understood that such issue should be left at home and never to be discussed here.

My other concern was the fact that we were coming in to and leaving work at the same time. “Don’t you think they’ll notice?” I asked my girlfriend once. “We’re friends that work together, friends commute sometimes,” she simply said. Then it was the fact that sometimes we happen to go to the restroom at the same time (we work about 3 cubicles away). Or that sometimes she gets a drink for me, or I get lunch for her. “We’re too good of friends to each other,” I told her once.

But now, with May almost gone and the 4th of July getting closer and closer, another concern arises. We are planning to take a week off to spend that week/weekend with my in laws. So how do we do that again? I said that it made more sense to ask separately and not to offer more explanations than “I’m visiting my family for the holiday.” But she thinks we should do it jointly. What to do?

Well, we sure don’t know yet. But we have about two more weeks until we have to figure it out. We have maintained a good professional relationship so far, will this give an end to that? Hopefully it will not. I like having a paycheck- but even more, I like flirting with that cute coworker who works just three cubicles away from me.


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