Love Can’t Be A Sin: Hate Crimes

We constantly proud ourselves in saying that among all beings, we, human beings, are the most intelligent ones. That unlike any other creature on earth, we successfully developed language and are able to communicate effectively. Yet, we raise our arms to kill our own because they’re gay, or black, or not what we want them to be. Where do these hate crimes stop?

Rebecca Wight and her partner, Claudia Brenner, were camping one night at the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania, when Stephen Roy Carr fired eight bullets to the couple. During his trial, he claimed that he was upset because the couple was having sex. Wight and Brenner thought they were alone and they were simply loving each other. But to Carr, that just wasn’t right.

Wight died while Brenner was able to escape and look for help. Carr was eventually caught and sentenced to life without parole. Brenner became an activist and wrote the book “Eight Bullets: One Woman’s Story of Surviving Anti-Gay Violence” in hopes to spread awareness about anti-gay violence.

When my girlfriend and I are in public, we don’t feel comfortable with any display of affection towards each other. If we’re walking through a lonely street, and usually at night, sometimes we’d hold hands, but if we feel someone is approaching, we let go of each other’s hand as quickly as possible. I am always in fear that even if we’re not holding hands, someone is going to realize that we are a couple and they will hurt us. I sometimes look at straight couples and I feel a bit jealous of them; they can kiss and hold hands without this fear. They don’t know what it’s like to think that someone could come and hurt you simply because you’re loving someone else.

Today I want to ask you for a little bit of tolerance. If you are straight, try to think what it would be like to be afraid to hold the hand of your loved one in public. Say no to hate crimes.


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