It Takes Two

One of the things that people often don’t realize when getting into a relationship is that it usually comes with a set of shared responsibilities. Whether this would be a good or bad thing for some, it can’t be overlooked that once you’re in a relationship, everything you do will affect your loved one in one way or another.

Although my girlfriend and I have only been dating for a bit less than a year, we have been splitting responsibilities for over five months now; this includes things like cooking, finances, etc. We do have separate incomes and we are free to spend as we wish, but we usually consult the other before spending that money.

Yesterday, we went to a pet adoption festival. We both have been wanting a dog for the longest time, but living in L.A. where dog-friendly apartments are few, having a dog is not really an option (for now). The idea was to just go see the dogs and get excited about getting a dog once we move into a dog-friendly apartment. We even left all cash and credit cards behind, to make sure that we
wouldn’t fall in love with a dog and get it on the spot.

We walked around for barely a few minutes when we found the cutest puppy ever. He was a chihuahua and Jack Russell mix. We were actually looking at another dog when he got our attention while looking at us and wagging his tail. If I could speak “pup,” he was probably saying “come get me, you know you want me.” “I can go get my card,” I said. “We can sneak it into the apartment until they (landlord) find out,” my girlfriend added. “Who’s gonna watch it tomorrow while we’re at work?” The fantasy was over.

We may want something really badly, but we both know we’re not in the position to have a dog. We can’t afford it, time and money wise. Having a dog, when we are so busy juggling work and school wouldn’t be good for us or the dog. This is a shared responsibility we agreed not to have for the time being. At least not for another three months. I’ll keep you posted.

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