Support Date

Although we live in a society with a great hunger for entertainment, sometimes, being a responsible adult can be a good idea for alternative dating. Although a dinner and a movie are our everyday favorites as choices for a date- specially with this economy- every now and then, the time you spend with that person you like or love, could be geared away a bit different from the usual date scene.

It is almost 10pm in Los Angeles and the Americano from Coffee Bean that I have been drinking for the past half hour is barely beginning to kick in. I got home from work about four hours ago and since then, I have been working on a research paper which I have due tomorrow. My girlfriend on the other hand, has been sitting next to me for the same amount of time, studying for a history test that she has first thing tomorrow morning. I know this may not sound like a dream date to some but this way, we can keep each other in line as far as keeping up with school work goes, and rather than sitting by myself in some corner at the school library, I get to have her by my side and I am able to spend time with her.

Although my Facebook status reads “Americano in one hand, NY Times in the other. This research about petroleum isn’t going that well. I guess it doesn’t help that I keep wishing I were in bed…” it can’t be overlooked that sometimes we leave our to-do lists hidden somewhere while we go out (and have fun), because “I’ll do it later when I get home.” If you and your date agree that getting your homework or a project done while you sip on lattes and maybe exchange a conversation or two throughout the night, could be an alternative way to spend time together, this will strengthen your relationship because you won’t see your date as something that is getting in the way of accomplishing your career goals, and you or your date won’t feel like you are being set aside because of work.

I’m not trying to tell you that you shouldn’t have fun with your date, because you should! but from time to time, you should also find alternative ways to spend time with that special person in a way that you both don’t leave aside that important deadline you need to meet. Whether it is because you simply have to, or because you want to support your partner, spending time together can be also enjoyed while tending to those responsibilities we still wish we didn’t have.


2 responses to “Support Date

  • hayadith

    i agree..just be smart, and organize..
    deadlines are important, works are important. They contribute in the success of a relationship..huhu

  • Mrs. This One

    Indeed. Specially if you’re in a relationship while in college, it can be difficult sometimes not to fall into the temptation of putting off your responsibilities, because going out with a person you like sounds more interesting.

    However I’m a strong advocate that with the proper balance, you can have all the fun you want but still taking care of the things you’re supposed to take care of.

    Party, but party responsibly 🙂

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