Aimee and Jaguar

I’ve always known that gays were prosecuted during World War II but since US History classes bother little to talk about it, then I too make the mistake to forget about it. When I read the synopsis in Netflix of “Aimee and Jaguar”(1999), a film about two women that fell in love during WWII, I knew I had to watch it. For me, a long time lover of the puzzling mysteries of this war, it would be history from a totally different angle.

*Spoiler Alert*

This film is based on the real life of Lilly Wust, the wife of a Nazi officer and mother of four kids; who goes onto fall in love with a woman who happens to be a Jew, Felice. Lilly is stuck in a loveless marriage and while her husband is away fighting, she feels more and more like her life has no purpose. She also seems to be sleeping around a lot but she does it trying to find that “it” element that she feels has been missing in her life.

Felice is attracted to Lilly from the moment she meets her. Lilly on the other hand, doesn’t give in to Felice’s charm right away- but it doesn’t take her that long either. They let go and find happiness in each other… but more importantly (for them, at the time), safety. However, Felice doesn’t share her secret with Lilly, and this drives them apart. Specially because Felice is planning her way out of the country. When Lilly finally confronts Felice about her absences, and tells her how much she keeps hurting her with them, Felice confesses that she’s a Jew. To my surprise (not sure why I was surprised), Lilly asks her to never leave her.

I left a lot of pieces of this puzzle out in case you end up wanting to watch this movie. And you should. Because just when I thought that dating isn’t easy for a lesbian, imagine dating while knowing that you could be killed the day after (for being a human and a lover). I really admire Wust- for letting love be her guide and answer. She knew that she was getting herself in a very tricky situation, but when you love, you love and that’s the end of it.

Whether they ended up together or not, I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself. And don’t you dare Google it yet- the movie is currently available in Netflix instant watch.


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