Apartment Hunting: Day 1

I had been looking forward to checking out some places near campus since we made the appointments last week. I’m not a big fan of apartment hunting (and never will be), but the idea of moving in with my girlfriend, living closer to campus and finally having a place where there’s no need to worry about crazy roommates, it’s definitely something to be excited about. We had looked online at the pictures of a loft we really liked and that would be our first appointment. We were mainly attracted to that place because it was the only dog-friendly place we would see that day.

When we got there- we met with the landlord, who was probably one of the nicest strangers I’ve ever met. She had a dog of her own- a little black and white ball of hair. It was adorable. This place was coming closer to be the home we were looking for.

The place itself however, was a different unit that we had seen online. The guy that had lived in there had just moved out and the place wasn’t clean yet; so needless to say, the place was a mess. It made me wonder if that’s what men call a “man cave,” because it certainly looked like one. Our little loft dream was leaving us with every look we took at the place. “We’ll see it again next week once it’s clean- if you don’t mind.” We were finished there. This whole search was gonna be more difficult than we thought.

Since we had some time until our second appointment, we decided to walk around in case there were other apartments available around the area that we could see that day. After four calls or so, they were either closed or not willing to show. Thirst began to hit along with the warming sun, and my feet were reminding me that I’m not a walker anymore.

After a few more blocks, we finally found a place with an open house. It was actually a big company so their leasing office was open and willing to show (of course, they gotta sell). We found a studio within our price range that we felt we needed to leave a holding deposit for. It looked a lot like the apartment my girlfriend lives in right now: new building, new appliances, carpet, lots of space, and a balcony. The building also had a fitness room and a pool. We couldn’t get any luckier than this. This was our apartment. We went ahead and canceled our second appointment. “Let’s have lunch and celebrate!”

We had Mongolian BBQ and discussed the apartment thing all over again. “Can you see us living there for a year?” Questions here and there with every bite of mildly spiced noodles were convincing me more and more that we had found our place. She even called my sister-in-law to give her the news. I texted my best friend too. We were set. We were giving up the idea of ever getting a dog since this place wasn’t dog  friendly. Since it was a studio, we also wouldn’t have enough space for a desk I’ve been dying to buy. We were giving up on little things… but this was the perfect place.

Even though my feet were begging to go home and take a nap, we decided to go to our third appointment. We had to wait a bit for the guy but that gave us time to look around a bit. The place didn’t seem that attractive from the outside, but those are usually the ones that have really nice apartments in the inside. I kept asking my girlfriend if we were set on the other place and between nods and smiles, we agreed that seeing this third place was just a formality.

When the guy finally arrived, he opened the door to a 1-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors. The place was clean, spacious, bright… my stomach flipped a little. Maybe we rushed a bit with the other place. The same guy also showed us a “super studio” which means it’s as a big as a 1-bedroom apartment, but it simply doesn’t have a wall to divide the bedroom from the living area. This place had the biggest kitchen we had seen so far. The space was perfect for us and all of our stuff. I was puzzled with the decision we had to make- but as we left the place, my girlfriend simply said “let’s go get our holding deposit back from that other place.”

I’m not sure if we would have find something better if we had kept looking, but I knew (and still do) that we were making the right decision. We settled for the first place because we knew it was a good deal for the price they were asking for, but we finally took that “super studio” because it had been what we were looking for. It was gonna end up being the same price as the first studio we set the deposit for, but this one was more spacious and it had that feeling of a home that we were looking for. It didn’t have a fitness room or a pool, but we agreed that we could work out at school and we never do use the pool at her current apartment.

We gave in our deposit and application that same day, and will hear back from the guy this coming week. I’m hoping we get a green light. I need him to give us a green light.


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