Long Term Relationships = Weight Gain

This is a hard fact: After putting months into your relationship, eventually you will notice that you’re also putting in some extra pounds too. The road to gain weight can be easier than you think and sometimes, it has little or nothing to do with over eating- We just simply get comfortable and the gym is no longer a priority.

Out of the people who work out on a daily basis, very few do it for a reason other than to “look better” to appeal a prospect date. So once you’re all set in a relationship (specially a healthy one) where your partner constantly reminds you how much they love you and how beautiful or handsome they think you are, it is easy to miss it when the pounds start piling up.

I’m blessed with the fact that I’m in love with an amazing cook- but eating meal after meal without properly burning the necessary calories can really get in the way of your ideal weight. Because this past year I was a full-time student, part-time worker, devoted club officer, and a part-time volunteer, I had little time to spare every day to burn those calories. I was always tired, eating at weird times and skipping meals; using every little minute I had left to spend it with my girl or catching up on some sleep. That is after all the life of a self-supporting student. A student that figured that getting an A in that Chemistry class was more important than lifting weights or running for 20 minutes every morning. After a year break from soccer and working out, I found myself weighting more than I did before.

Now that I have finally grown unhappy with the image staring back at me every time I look at the mirror, I feel it’s time to hit the gym and get back to where I was a year ago. It also helps that I no longer have to worry about all-nighters to write papers about Politics, which usually started with the Pizza Hut guy knocking at my door. This morning I ran, sprinted and walked for 20 minutes. Then I did some crunches and weight lifting. It was an hour workout total- one that I hope to repeat everyday from now on. At least until the Fall quarter starts.

I know it’s easy to ditch the gym when curling up in bed with your honey sounds a lot more attractive, but remember that going to the gym isn’t just about looks- exercise and staying in shape leads to a healthier lifestyle, and that feeling of greatness you get afterwards is an amazing plus. Now if leaving your honey in bed is the problem, drag them along with you and encourage each other to work out. We should never let go of a healthy lifestyle just because our darlings love us with or without the extra weight.


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