Feels Like A Monday

As I take another sip of my Caramel Latte while typing my life away, I realize that Mondays are not too bad as people usually think they are, or at least not for me, and certainly not today. It’s just another day at the office and although I would much rather be sitting outside, praying for rain, adding some dollars to my paycheck for the next six hours isn’t a bad alternative.

There isn’t a time that I don’t think that the weekends are not long enough (they never are! Really). And I think that it must always feel like this when you work Monday through Friday. But I have to admit, that this is better than working any night or any holiday- specially tending to people who hate you for no reason at all. That’s the funny thing about customer service, no matter how nice you are during your whole shift, there will always be that one a**hole who almost seems to be making an effort to wipe the smile off your face, even when you’re there just to please them.

Although today is Monday and the work week is just beginning (aiming a gun at my head), today I’m thankful because I don’t have to fake a smile, clean someone’s mess, put up with someone’s rudeness, or be treated like I’m worth nothing and my life is a waste. But if you do go out today, make sure to be nice to the cashiers, the kid at the movie theater, the waitress at the restaurant you go to have lunch with coworkers, and any personal in general that does something for you- even if they’re getting paid for it. A little niceness won’t kill you and who knows, you might make someone’s day.


2 responses to “Feels Like A Monday

  • Melissa

    You are absolutely right! I have worked a cash register, waited tables for 9 months full time, then worked in a cubicle. I am currently a middle school teacher. I think I can safely say that working customer service is more emotionally degrading than teaching middle school — and that is saying a lot! No, seriously, if an adolescent curses me out, calls me a stupid lesbian, or spits on my shoes, I can reach inside my heart and see him or her as a young, developing human who needs guidance. (And chances are the same kid will be writing me fan mail next week.) But when adults talk down to other people, it is disheartening and harder to forgive. These tiny dehumanizing acts accumulate, and they make the world less welcoming. Hunker down in your desk and enjoy the buffer.

    • Mrs. This One

      Yes, I agree completely! I once worked at a bar that made me understand why people and alcohol isn’t always a good mix. I’ve had people throw food at me (and my boss) once because they had been kicked out of the place for inappropriate behavior (and they were still asking why they were being kicked out…). And it really does get worse than that but I keep trying to forget all of it.

      The upside to it is that these experiences are the reason why I make myself finish that one term paper even if it’s 3 am, I haven’t slept, and I have class in three more hours. Customer service jobs should be renamed to customer terror jobs- I wonder how I can get that started…

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