Living in the Era of Lies

Want a raise? You might get one. Some day.

About two years ago I used to work for a car dealership. When I was hired, I was told “you will get $$ starting, but after 3 months, you will be raised to $$$.” This was the reason why I took the job. Not because I love cars, salesmen or the noise of the service department, but because I, like several other people, needed the money to merely survive.

The three months went by and when I inquired about my raise, the HR people simply replied with “we said after 3 months but we didn’t give you an exact date.” You’re damn right you didn’t give me an exact date. I walked out of his office thinking he would do a fine lawyer. And there I was, feeling cheated with by a technicality.

I stayed with the company because $$ was better than no $$ (but not as good as $$$, of course). But I must say that the day I decided to go back to school full time and quit that job, it was very pleasing to turn in my two-week notice. The same HR guy looked at me and said “but why leave now, your raise has almost been approved.” After one year and a half? Really? I smiled politely and said I had a better opportunity I couldn’t let go off.

Now my wife is in the same situation- “Well, your raise could come in two months but it could also be six,” said the HR person to her. Really people? If you’re not wanting or willing to give someone a raise, then don’t lie about it. Just let us work for a wage and not give us hope of something you’re not actually going to offer. But in two months. Or six years.

3 responses to “Living in the Era of Lies

  • lifewithjess

    Wow, that really sucks. This post reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean when Will Turner said, “Elizabeth goes free!” And Captain Barbossa made her jump off the ship…

    The technicalities of word choice…

  • Mrs. This One

    Yes, yes indeed! But they do this to us ALL the time. People love to lie.

    As I drove tonight by yet another furniture store displaying a SALE sign, I wondered if they even had a sale at all.

    I guess it’s now up to us to either go for the lie or be smarter but- how do we know when to believe? Jumping off the ship first?

  • lifewithjess

    Maybe we have to pause and think for a minute before we decide. We should think about what the other person/group is thinking before we choose what to do.

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