Addicted to Beginnings

We finally moved! The place still has boxes everywhere and we will have to clean the former place this weekend, but there’s no looking back at this point. As I sat on the brand new living area last night, I found joy in contemplating the new place- like a little kid with a new toy!!

Where should I start?

But this isn’t uncommon or new; this feeling of starting over. Ever since I can remember, having a clean slate has always been a good thing- this applies to a new city, home, school, job, relationship… perhaps to anything that you can put “new” in front of. We are constantly seeking for this feeling of something new. We get excited about it. Sometimes it’s even silly and childish, but satisfying nonetheless.

But in reality nothing changes. We’re still the same person no matter where we go or what we buy. And thanks to that thing called “memory,” we ALWAYS carry our past with us. So why is it that we keep looking for the best next thing? If you ask me, I think that we keep looking outward because it’s easier than looking inward.

I can never get rid of the mistakes I’ve made but I can make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again. A new place may bring things that may seem different, but in reality, they’re just the same as before but now in a different shape or color.

Good, another box done...

I love our new place… because it’s ours, but nothing has really changed. But as a human being, I’m still delirious about the sense of another clean slate- wouldn’t you be?


2 responses to “Addicted to Beginnings

  • whippedtopping

    I know how you feel! My boyfriend and I have moved eight times in our five year relationship. Part of the fun and sorrow of packing each time is purging all the excess crap, almost as if letting go of the past. I am a bit of a “new” addict in that sense. I have lived in four major cities and four different states since graduating from high school and I have loved every minute! I could go on but I am afraid of the impending ramble. πŸ™‚ Happy unpacking!

  • Mrs. This One

    And I thought I was the only one who have moved so much in so little time! Are you actually able to get rid of old stuff? This last time I did get rid of some but eventually got tired of it and packed it all :/ When will I learn?!

    Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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