Going the Extra Mile

Yes, I can fit another one on top- I think!

Although we’re exactly 29 days away from the first day of Fall Quarter, I am already biting my nails over what’s gonna happen then. My department sent out an email announcing the opening of 6 more classes yesterday morning. When I finally got to my computer that night, only one class was available- also the only one that didn’t conflict at all with my current schedule (maybe it was a sign?), so I signed up for it.

The thing is that I don’t want to give up the one Geography class that I have in the middle of the day and doesn’t count towards my major, or my proposed double major (Women’s Studies). And since I want to double major, I have to make every unit count. In this case, I will either have to drop the Geography class, or take on 4 classes this quarter. But taking 4 classes would also mean more time studying and less time with my wife… Although I know she understands and if I ask, she’ll say “if it’s gonna make you happy go for it,” I feel puzzled as to what to do.

It’s bad enough that I’m hoping I can work two jobs during the quarter and that I really want to do an internship on top of it all. Maybe I need to learn to take it easy this once. Maybe.

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