Not a Roommate, or a Friend

I have been trying to talk myself out of writing now, or even today at all. There are other things needing my attention, and the issues congregated in the back of my mind while I work, eat or study, are not quite ready to be written yet.

School starts again tomorrow and I’m back to the student life I’ve been missing all of summer. I will not think the same after a week into the quarter, but I think this way now and that’s what should matter. The tricky thing about it all is that once school starts, this is when my relationship with my wife gets tested on a daily basis.

Although my time with my wife is more important to me than anything else, this time will be set aside when a paper is due, or when I have to read a book in two days. This applies to her as much as it does to me.

And then there are outside factors, like the one I faced today. Since I started a new job, everyone keeps asking the same questions: “What’s your major? What year are you? Where do you live? Who do you live with?” The last question being the more troubling one. I caught myself answering “with a roommate.” I felt ashamed for not recognizing my wife but I think part of me just didn’t want to be judged by someone I had to work closely with for 7 straight hours. I am even more ashamed now that I even tried to excuse myself for it.

You may think now that I am making a big deal out of nothing, and perhaps you’re right, but this question will come my way over and over again every time I meet a new person on campus. Furthermore, it will happen to my girl also.

I need to be strong and take the judgement. I took the fall this time but I need to overcome my fear. I live with my wife. Not a “roommate” or a “friend,” but my wife.


2 responses to “Not a Roommate, or a Friend

  • Toddy

    Thank you for your comments. I’ve decided to just leave my blog’s title at Leigh Todd’s blog. I’m currently without Internet at home, so I cannot update very often. Good luck with your blog and your new married life.

    I’ll continue to read. I like your writing.

  • Mrs. This One

    Awesome name!

    Thanks for reading. I’ll try to keep it good.

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