Little Miss Perfect

Today my mother dared to call me “Little Miss Perfect.” She said “things are only good the way you see them or say them.” How much of this is true? Well, maybe a lot. I do have a blog, you know?

The truth is that we all have an opinion and we always want to be right. That’s why we argue right? To get our point across the table. We can only hope that when we are truly wrong, we can humbly accept the fact and move on- but do we? Just ask a Republican.


It's good because I said so!


I started this blog so I can prove that two women can have a normal family. Furthermore, that our relationship can make it through college. We will have to deal with Graduate / Professional school choices soon enough too. But who am I convincing? There were 5 suicides just in the past few weeks due to bullying against homosexuals! Something just doesn’t sound right about this. My Public Opinion classmate, Chris, told me the other day that people should stop whining about government and get out of their couch and do something about it. And he’s right- as I write this from my very own couch.

So maybe it’s time I do something about it, the problem is that I have no idea what to do. There’s always that one other thing I need to do first. Is this the same for everyone? Maybe it’s time for some restructuring. Little Miss Perfect needs to start working towards some actual perfection…


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