Joint Life = Joint Account


Is this 20 yours or mine?

Although I grew up to a broken home, it always made sense to me that since my wife and I were married, we should have a joint bank account. Am I the only one who thinks this logic makes sense? I was confronted with this question about a week ago when I mentioned to my friend Cole that the Mrs. and I had a joint account. He gave me this whole speech about how he liked his money to be his money. He also made a point on saying that his parents don’t have a joint account either.


So what do you do when you pay rent (Cole and his girlfriend live together)? Or when you go to the grocery store? He said they take turns on paying bills. Well, if they had a joint account, they wouldn’t have to take turns. But I guess different relationships have different ways of doing things.



2 responses to “Joint Life = Joint Account

  • CJ

    I never understood the separate bank accounts for married couples, either. Even couples who aren’t married but who’re in it for the long haul. Maybe it works for people who like to talk about and think about money a lot, which I don’t. Well, and since I’m the stay-at-home parent, separate accounts would leave me with getting an allowance from my husband to make any purchase. I would not be cool with that.

    Like you say, though, different strokes for different folks.


    • Mrs. This One

      Exactly my point! If anything I think it would be sketchy to have a separate account- like, what’s there to hide? This way everything becomes simple. One budget instead of two = less headaches!

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