NYE and Some Resolutions

Everyone is sick, it seems, and I can’t even understand this weather. It snowed here yesterday- here in Scottsdale, Arizona! Unheard of. It also has been raining heavily in California and I’m in  no way looking forward to the drive back home this weekend. But it will be nice to say good-bye to the in-laws; not because I don’t like ’em, but because it’s about time.

I suppose you can say today is New Year’s Eve and everyone is planning something special. After saying that I almost regret not buying a little 2011 hat to celebrate the occasion but I’m sure people will still know what year we’re trying to welcome tonight. I don’t know about you but here we have about 6 rented movies waiting for us to watch.

Although for 2011 I have “resolved” to be a lot more active than I was last year, it is nice to think that the most special plan for today is to watch movies. We are going to see the King’s Speech in a bit and then coming home to watch the rented DVDs. We will have a yummy dinner later on and then a new year will start all over again.

During 2011, I will become a Senior; and that alone it’s scary. The Mrs. will finally get to meet my family (help!). I will take my LSATs (Oh no!). And if I keep going, I may want to stick to 2010 for the long run. So instead, I will share my new year’s resolutions with the blogging world:

  1. Get better grades (as a student, this is always a must).
  2. Lose 40 pounds (as a girl, this is always a must).
  3. Ace the LSAT (or do well enough).
  4. Continue learning Italian (and start Russian).
  5. Play soccer more often- and tennis.
  6. Read more books.
  7. Play less video games ( =[ ).
  8. Follow a budget (seriously).
  9. Read more news.
  10. Write more often.
  11. List less and do more.

So as I mentioned in my last blog, some of my resolutions seem to be repeated every year… Like numbers 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10. Basically almost all of them? Perhaps 2011 will be a better year to accomplish these things, right? I think so. Besides, things can only get better. Coffee time!

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