Post a Day 2011

I must admit that “Post a Day 2011” is quite an effort by to make us bloggers blog more often. Let’s face it, there’s a new blogger born everyday, and on that day, about a million others stop blogging. Some for a while and some will never return. But unless you become a famous blogger (and that hardly ever happens), you just begin to leave your blog behind because the inspiration simply isn’t there.

Take this blog as an example. It began as a blog to discuss equality, that somehow turned into a blog about a married lesbian couple in college. One of the original ideas was to have my wife contribute to it as well- you know, to have a different, funnier writer to make me look less bad- but that never happened. “I don’t know what to write about,” she says. “No one does,” I reply in my head.

Blogging never comes easy and I admire those who will attempt to do it on a daily basis. That was also one of my goals of course, but there’s always some homework that needs to be done, chores with my name written on it, a job without a computer to blog on, time to be spent with the wife… anyway, there’s always something that comes before blogging. Even blogging about blogging seems to be getting in the way of blogging.

Now the other thing is the context. Some people are true bloggers; you know, those who blog about something meaningful. And then there are some who write about everything and nothing at the same time (it amazes me how they’re able to do that). And there are others who use this service as a diary. There must also be another category because I don’t even know where to put this blog in.

And don’t even get me started with the readers- you know, the must important thing about blogging. Because the truth is we all write so someone will read it! Some people are lucky and get comments on everything they write. Not me though- I don’t even know if anyone ever reads any of this, but I never lose hope (or I wouldn’t be writing this).

As you can see blogging ain’t easy. Much less if it becomes a daily thing. I say every blogger should try to take on this challenge and what’s more, maybe we should try to create a “Read a Day 2011” or “Comment a Day 2011” too.


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