The Wishing Post

It’s just about noon on the Sunday before work and the Winter quarter begin once again. I am finishing up the glass of orange juice (medium pulp) that I was having with my breakfast. A cleaning marathon is soon to take place in our apartment. My wife is watching the History Channel which is, I guess, something history majors do. How come they don’t have the Political Science Channel for us political science majors? Oh wait, I guess we do have C-SPAN and every major news media outlet out there.

Talking about news media outlets, after we arrived home from our trip last night, I was pleasantly surprised to find my LATimes newspaper at the front door of our building, untouched! I picked it up and after we finished unpacking- and by that I mean just setting stuff down- I sat down on my blue reading chair and began to read the paper. I must add that after picking up a copy of the Arizona Republic during the holidays, I had been missing the Times terribly. So much that I promised not to ever compare it to the NYTimes (which I always deemed superior to the LA version). Ever.

So after reading for pages about the violence going on in the world, I found the following story an interesting one. Titled “In Manhattan, many wish upon a wall,” the article is about this wall in New York where people went to make wishes in post-it notes. The wishes are supposed to be about whatever you wish for the upcoming year, and they were going to do something with the wishes once 2011 came- I can’t remember what that was.

The reason why I think I couldn’t remember, must have been that I was a little upset that those of us who couldn’t go to New York, didn’t get to make a wish. What’s that about? Why does New York have to be so special? Then I thought that us bloggers and readers also deserve a chance to make a wish right here! This way we wouldn’t need to fly to New York and walk in the cold. Your wish can now be made from the comfort of your own home.

One girl that was interviewed said that one of the reasons why she chose to made the wish in the wall, was because she thought that writing it down would help the wish happen. So now to start: I wish to get in shape again so I can join a soccer league over the summer. There, maybe that will help it happen.

What’s your wish?


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