Here We Go Again

I say the holidays should be a year-round thing- who’s with me? Yes, perhaps I’m dreaming. But thinking about everything that will be going on for the next ten weeks makes me miss the days where I could just stare at the sky for hours. Although I don’t really recall ever doing that this past Christmas. Or ever.

The China Problem

There’s good reason though, for all this dreaming. Ahead of me I have 15 units divided in three classes (one of them a Stats class- yuck!), work (as usual), and trying to keep up with this thing called “married life.” Not to mention the NY’s resolutions I have to achieve, and my soccer and tennis classes. Oh and did I mention that I need to get involved in some student clubs to look more appetizing for Law Schools Admissions people? Now the whole “Post a Day” thing does seem a bit ambitious.

But what if I have to do all these things? Isn’t this the point of it all, to do something? Or to at least pretend that you are doing something, some may argue.

Although, according to the syllabus, my class China’s Rice: Critical Issues and Global Implications seems to be the most challenging one, the professor was kind enough to assign a couple of “Comic Relief” videos before our first day of class tomorrow. So I thought I’d share. Maybe in light of trying to get back into routine, you too need some comic relief.—controversies

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