Almost Midnight

I should have planned this earlier because the fact that it is now 11:23pm makes me want to hurry for two reasons. One, I had this crazy idea that maybe I can blog once a day. Ambitious, yes, but powerful. Why?, you may ask. Because I have a long-time history of not finishing things. There, I said it.

If you look at the list of books I’m currently reading (Bottom right, I think), you’ll find there “War and Peace.” Yes the damned thing is about 1400 pages, but it still shouldn’t take the 6 months I’ve taken with it so far. And now that I’m back in school, that book has been set aside again- to collect dust for months to come.

So here I am saying that I am perfectly capable of finishing something. If I fail, rub it in, but in the mean time, I still have 34 minutes to post (so far).

My bed is the second reason to hurry. Midnight is sneaking up on me as the end of this very long day gets closer. Long story short: working with people who are cheaters and take advantage of you sucks (that’s life, I know). But tomorrow will be a brand new day- hence why the sooner I go to sleep, the faster tomorrow will come (well, technically).



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