Noel Who?

My mother has this horrible and annoying (and some what impressive) habit of listening to a song that she likes over and over again. And I don’t mean just listen to it every now and then, and maybe once or twice- oh no, I mean in consecutive hours and day after day after day.

Because of this fact, I got used to the music that she listens to. I know that makes little sense so let me elaborate. I love listening to Madonna and I crave her music at random times- but it has nothing to do with her or her music; rather because I grew up listening to her and it’s become part of who I am. Yes, I am a bit ashamed for it.

Anyhow, today I was told what my “pregnancy song” was. If you don’t know what that means, it’s okay, I didn’t know either until a few minutes ago. So it happens that during her pregnancies, my mother had a particular song for each one of us (me and my siblings), that she listened to for about nine months. I kid you not. If she says she listened to it for that long, after my childhood experience, I believe it. So how about it, wanna take a guess as to what song she could have been listening to for the most part of 1988?

Does “Silent Morning” by Noel ring a bell? It didn’t for me so if you’d like to tell me more about it, I’m all ears. This is what I found on YouTube:

Bring back any memories? Anybody?

My mother had me listen to the song before telling me the story to see if I would remember or “feel” something. Mom, I was a fetus, I’m sure you were the only one getting a kick out of jamming to 80’s music. But I can’t blame the woman for trying- I mean, nothing like bringing up a child to the world listening to a song about longing for a lover. I wonder if that’s why I’ve gotten my heart broken as much as I have.


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