One Bad Meal Per Week

If you ever got a chance to read my entry Long Term Relationships = Weight Gain, you’d know (and agree with me) that it is very difficult to be in a relationship without somehow gaining weight. Once you’re dating, dinner is something to do rather than a meal to get the stuff you need to keep functioning daily. This, whether you like it or not, eventually leads to putting on some extra pounds.

Sweet temptation...

For me, a relationship meant a bit more than just extra pounds. I gained about 50 lbs for a period of roughly a year. I must add that it wasn’t because of the relationship, there were also a lot of external factors in play such as college, awful roommate situations, and some minor health problems. Although I wish these things combined didn’t equate to that much weight gain, it happened and it’s just something I had to face and deal with. This is why I decided to take control over my diet and exercise habits.

Before 2011, I used to eat because it was a fun thing to do, not because it was something I had to do. Once I changed my mentality on how I felt about food, I began to see a few differences about my eating habits. I’m pretty sure that my meals last year used to be somewhere between 1800 to 2500 calories with little or no exercise. So yes, no wonder I gained so much weight. But now, I have to force myself to eat more so I can meet the minimum of 1300 calories per day- how crazy is that?!

Almost there

The secret is that you know the secret; “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I decided to change my mentality about things in my life, to in turn change things about my life altogether. I now keep a food diary where I write down every single thing I eat or drink, and if I know it, I add the calories of what I eat/drink. I also record my daily weight and any major exercise activity (which now includes soccer twice a week and tennis on Saturdays). This helps me know for sure whether I am overeating or not; and also, since I keep in mind what I’ve eaten, I have less and less cravings during the day. I have lost 4 lbs since Christmas day, and although that may not seem like a lot, remember that people usually gain weight after the holidays rather than lose it.

But how can I make sure that I will follow through this new routine? We’ve established that on Saturdays, we’ll have our “bad meal of the week.” And by bad I mean something super delicious without taking any calories into consideration. How cool is that? Now even if I crave a restaurant meal, I can simply say “I’ll have that on Saturday” and move on with my life. I am in control now.

2 responses to “One Bad Meal Per Week

  • justmarriedgirl

    Before I got pregnant, I did something quite similar. I charted my calories during the week and got very serious about exercise, and I allowed myself the freedom to eat as I liked on the weekend (without going too, too insane). It really worked! Looks like I’ll need to get into high gear with this plan after baby comes (and after I recover, of course). At least, this is what I hope will happen.

  • Mrs. This One

    Yes, it is working for me too! I am losing weight slowly but surely. Now that I count my calories, it really amazes me how one meal out can account sometimes to your whole daily calorie intake. But now that I know, I make a bit wiser decisions.

    Working out also helps too. I feel so much better because of it too because I feel less stress.

    Good luck with your own program! =]

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