Technology This, Technology That

Do you own a wrist watch? Do you wear it?

I feel that most people around my age, you know, the “golden generation,” rely too much on technology. This may be a little hypocritical since I am writing this on a laptop while “Legally Blonde” is playing on my HD TV. But let’s not get too far from the issue that I’d like to discuss.

People no longer own watches because they have cellphones. They don’t read books because they have a kindle. They don’t go to a library because they have the Internet. They don’t talk because they’d rather text- I’m sure you get the idea. But do you really want to live in a world where everything is digitalized? This robot-like world seemed a lot more exciting when I was 6, now. . . not so much.

So in search for a way back, I got my wrist watch repaired today. It only needed a new battery. But truth to be told, I thought there weren’t any places to repair watches anymore- could you blame me? Surprisingly enough I found one just down the street from my apartment. The process took less than a few minutes and now I will be able to know what time it is without reaching for my cellphone. Freedom. Enough said.


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