What is Like to be in Sarah Palin’s Shoes

I just emailed my best friend saying that I wouldn’t be able to write tonight because I had to go to bed. Then I announced it to my wife who then said, “but you have to.” So here I am.

Today was a very off day for me. As a student, I want to believe that all the work I put into mastering whatever subject I’m taking i’s going to pay off somehow. Yet there is always going to be the one day you go to school and every single discussion is a miss of some sort.


For my discussion on Marx’s Materialism, I voiced my opinion on the separation of ideology and materialism. Before I spoke, everything made sense in my head. After, not so much. If you’ve ever seen the SNL sketch of Sarah Palin’s (Tina Fey) interview with Katie Couric, where she makes no sense whatsoever, well… that’s pretty much how I think I sounded today. If only I would have ended my whole speech with “Maverick,” then it would have been perfect.

Good thing the day is over.

Here’s the link to the SNL sketch in YouTube if you’re in for a laugh: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE2gE-VVjBI

4 responses to “What is Like to be in Sarah Palin’s Shoes

  • megdoodle

    Keep on, keepin’ on! You can do both the school thing and the 2011 Challenge! (And I’ve been there on the feeling that I’ve totally flopped a presentation. Sometimes I wonder if I’d given the project in a completely different language – say, Mandrin Chinese – if it wouldn’t have come out making more sense!)

  • This is What I Want to Remember | Mrs. and Mrs.

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  • kkerns

    No worries.. we all have moments like those, especially in college. And be prepared, they don’t end there. I’m sure one day you’ll mess up on a big presentation at work or forget to do something major, but hey.. we’re all human. We all make mistakes. Who am I to cast the first stone?

  • Mrs. This One

    @Meg: Thank you- I will certainly try. It does get tricky sometimes- especially because I’m not THAT creative… but at least I try =]

    @kkerns: Thank you for your words- I do see how that would happen to me in the future… well, to err is human, right?

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