Dear College Counselor

It amazes me how obviously annoyed you look because I come to your office. Even though your job is to offer me some counseling, you always find the shortest answers to give and the ways to redirect me to someone else- so you don’t have to deal with me any longer.

Where to go now?

I wonder if you even care to know my name, or if you’d like to hear about what I want to do after I graduate- you know, in case you wanted to suggest things I could work on or look into. I mean, is ten minutes really that much to take from you? Even when no one else is waiting?

After three visits, where you always greet me like you’ve never seen me before, I am dreading having to come see you again. All I want is to know what’s available and what my options are- all you want is to clock out at five. What a shame. You have this crazy amazing opportunity to make a difference in several lives, yet you simply don’t care- you just want to get paid.

Maybe this is why you’re a counselor after all, and I truly don’t mean to sound harsh. You’re after all the one who always tells me I have no options and there’s nothing else you can do without offering an alternative. But how would you know what to offer if you don’t even know my name.

What a shame, I say.


4 responses to “Dear College Counselor

  • Erin McNaughton

    That is a shame that your counselor isn’t any help. Is there possibly another counselor you could visit?

  • Mrs. This One

    Hi Erin,

    Thank you for your comment.

    There is another lady but she is far worse- when I asked her for help on how to pick classes based on my concentration, she simply said: “go online and find information.” I’m not saying that I don’t want to do things for myself, but I feel nowadays college counselors care less and less about the student, and I simply don’t think that’s right, you know? If it weren’t for students, they wouldn’t have jobs to begin with.

    Anyway, I’ll keep trying- maybe they were having a bad day on the days I came to see them…

  • tnavarra

    Last year, I went to see my college counselor in our “world renowned” career center to discuss my internship interests for the summer. She told me, “you can look on this database, but its too soon for an internship– you have time for that!”

    Uh no, college counselor- you are uninformed- I am a communication major, my field is vast and I need real world experience to even be credible. What did I do, got the internship on my own– a much better story for interviews I suppose, but nonsense nonetheless. These people are paid to assist us and make our future life easier, right?

    At least I’m not alone!

  • Mrs. This One

    tnavarra: You’re definitely not alone! I’ve heard tons of stories from people saying that they’re counselors didn’t help them. It’s ridiculous.

    But hey- at least you got internship 🙂

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