How Far Would You Go to Better Your Law School Chances?

I’ve been meaning to rush Kappa Alpha Pi, the Pre-Law Fraternity at UCLA, since I came to this school. I figured something like this would look really good when I apply to law school. However, I was too busy over the Fall quarter and simply missed every deadline I could possible miss. “I’ll wait until spring,” I said to myself.

But during the fall quarter, I made the mistake to enroll in a peer mentor program that was supposed to help me with the process of assimilating to the school. I say it was a mistake because the guy who ended up being my mentor is in the fraternity. And this is not a good thing because I don’t like him. Even then, liking him isn’t the problem in itself.

Although I was supposed to meet with him once a week during the last quarter, that never really happened. A lot of miscommunication went on, but also, he simply stopped contacting me. He gets credit to be my mentor yet… he’s not really doing anything.

Well, he sent a group email to everyone so we would meet today and I decided to meet him- why? Because this guy can be the difference between getting into the fraternity or not. Yet he was late today and we never met. This is why we stopped meeting in the first place. But I suppose I’ll suck it up and keep showing up, even if he doesn’t.

I guess this is not too far from sucking up to the boss you don’t like who could potentially help you with your career breakthrough. It’ll get even better once you become that boss people suck up to.


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