To Work or Not to Work. . .

Lazy, irresponsible, unreliable, unproductive- these are just but a few of the things employers think of student workers. I mean, why not? We’re always gonna put studying for a midterm first over a day’s worth of work any day. Over final’s week of last quarter, for example, six people called in sick- yes, we were as understaffed as we could ever be.

Although I have tried to stay away from this stereotype and not call in sick on days where stress over being under prepared for class takes over, I have been missing work more often than I’d like to lately. The reality is that I’ve been sick for what it feels like a week now. We think it’s the flu, but it could be just a fever, or maybe I’m tired- or maybe my mind just wants some rest. Whatever it may be, I’m faced once again with the decision of calling in sick tomorrow.

*cough* I am definitely way too sick to come in today

Honestly, I don’t feel well. But I were to call in sick, I’d do it not because I want to rest, but because I want to go outside and do something that doesn’t include homework or customer service. So in a way this makes me feel guilty for wanting to call in sick in the first place. I mean, wouldn’t you feel guilty too? Not even a little bit?

Well- I have a long night to decide. I might just flip a coin and call it tails.


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