Birthday Dinner Decisions

Bon appetit!

As my wife has been discussing lately, my 21st birthday is just around the corner. While I’ve been feeling nostalgic about my youth, I’m happy to be growing up. This is especially true since now I have my love to share it with.

I told my wife recently about my tenth birthday celebration. My parents have always let me pick whatever I wanted for my birthday, and I wanted to go to an Italian place. Well, it didn’t quite work out as the place had closed. My sweetie has been wanting to make it up to me ever since I told her this.

I’ve been looking online for almost a month now, and I still am undecided. Yes, we are still over a week away, but I’ve been wanting somewhere perfect since we actually have a little extra spending money and for the first time, I have been given the opportunity to see so many more options through Yelp!

We’ve made reservations at the Getty Museum restaurant, but today I bought several (5) gift certificates off of Yes, I know this may be a bit excessive, but I love a good meal and could hardly pass up such a bargain. is offering a promo code (SHOVEL) for 70% off the already discounted prices on the other website. So I just had to get as many as I thought looked good. We could now have Mexican or Arepas; Brazillian or Crepes! And don’t even get me started about Italian food…

While I’ve been obsessing about making the most of my newfound independence on my birthday, I can’t help but to be grateful for the girl who has given me the chance to make the most of my day.

Mrs. That One


2 responses to “Birthday Dinner Decisions

  • towriteisgood

    Italian all the way, it the best! hay don’t worry about letting go of youth, wait until you’re 40 ish! then it’ll hit you.
    Happy Birthday Enjoy.


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