Kids and Video Games

So lately, I must admit, my wife and I have been consumed in Call of Duty. What doesn’t surprise me is the lack of any school work I’ve gotten done this week, but what does surprise me is the fact that on occasion, we’ll hear little kids playing against us! This isn’t really what disturbs me. I played video games when I was little (granted it was N64, not killing Nazis and getting blown to pieces by tanks…). What really gets me is the teenagers that play against these kids.

Today, I heard an older kid (they have headsets; we do not) say, “Hey, Jason45, does your Dad touch you? It’s ok, you can tell us if he does. It doesn’t make you a f*ggot.” Jason45 sounded about eight years old. He stopped talking after this. I can’t believe that people would use this language with such a little kid.

My wife and I have already decided that our kids will not be getting video games. Especially not any that involve blood, guts or online gameplay.

-Mrs. That One

4 responses to “Kids and Video Games

  • tnavarra

    I swear sometimes when I hear my brother on there late at night I think he’s fighting with someone inside of his room. My kids won’t be allowed to play games like that until they’re married– and if I follow my dad’s rule, they can’t date until they’re married… good luck, future kids!

  • mrsthatone

    Tnavarra- Thanks for the comment! Seriously, I can’t believe kids these days. It makes me sound so old, but even my thirteen year old cousin is starting to play these games and swears! It’s crazy! Thanks for reading:)

  • Heather

    OMG, we should talk about the time I decided to play Rock Band 2 online. It was just me (my husband was somewhere else) so I joined a band of three teenage-sounding dudes. They spent the entire song OPENLY MOCKING my drumming skills and giggling loudly into their headsets; one dropped out before we were halfway through because I was “bringing down his average.”

    I played one song and then put the entire damn game away. I don’t need 13-year-old punks ruining my self-esteem!

    So, yes, kids playing online games are THE WORST.

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