Meet the Parents

Because we eloped last July (refer to “I got Married! Well, Sorta“), I never got around introducing my wife to her in-laws. At the time, it had a lot to do with money. Actually, it still does; flying to visit my family entails an expense of anywhere from 700 to 900 dollars, and as students- well, we simply can’t spend that money on any given day. So we waited. And then we waited a little more. Six months later, we finally decided to finally go during Spring Break in March.

So why am I this nervous?

This is the first time I bring anyone home. This is also the first time I bring a spouse home. AND the first time I’ll bring a girl to a family who has always been against homosexuality. Although this view has improved with time- maybe knowing that I wasn’t going to change, this fact still scares me a great deal.

I wish it wasn’t this difficult.

The whole idea of my mother and my wife in the same room gives me the chills. I have been so lucky that my in-laws took me in as a second child, but I have no idea what to expect of my own family. In a sense, this puts a lot more pressure on me because I want to give my wife what she has given me, but I have no idea if I’ll be able to.

This trip is just supposed to be a week. That’s all I’ll have to endure. A week.

-Mrs. This One

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