NFL Playoffs: House Divided

It should not come as a surprise to most of you that today Green Bay will be facing Chicago, and soon after, Pittsburgh will play New York (Jets). I’ve been a Steelers fan since as long as I can remember. It makes little sense really, considering the fact that I’m not from Pittsburgh and I’ve never been to a Steelers game physically. But coming from a state with no NFL teams (AL), you end up choosing a team whether you have geographical ties to it or not.

Most of my friends were either Falcons or Saints fans. I didn’t like either team when I was little. But I saw a Steelers game on TV once and it was love at first sight right after that. I couldn’t help myself. The colors, the plays, the moves… everything about the Steelers seemed magical to me. And it probably helped that my brother was already a well-established Steelers fan (although I never asked him how he ended up that way).ย The point is that I have always been a hardcore Steelers fan. And although I haven’t been present at Heinz Field yet, I know one day I will.

It is obvious that today is a big day for me then. I am counting the minutes until I get to watch the game. It helps that we’re playing the team where Mark Sanchez is at because I want the Steelers to crush him. Seven times over. He is a former Trojan- in case you were wondering. And I am a proud Bruin.

But the following is my dilemma. My father-in-law is actually from Green Bay so he’s a Packer and has always been. There is a chance that the Steelers and the Packers end up playing in the Super Bowl against each other. My wife, being his daughter, told me today that she has to root for the Packers because it’s in her DNA. “But you don’t even care about football!” I said. She simply grinned and I could tell she was enjoying every bit of this. So I guess this household is divided for now. But I’m not worried because I know the Steelers got this one.

-Mrs. This One


8 responses to “NFL Playoffs: House Divided

  • Karin

    As a long time Titans fan…my preferences of who wins is not very relevant. WAIT!!! I’ve got players in the Gridiron Playoff Challenge!!! LOL I guess I do kinda care ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • tnavarra

    Looks as if you two are in for it now! Although I was really wishing the Jets would take it– my dad bleeds green and I just want him to see these guys in a superbowl already!

    • Mrs. This One

      Yep- it’s gonna be an interesting Super Bowl. If the Steelers win, I’ll be happy but my father-in-law might not want to have me over for a while. Men get way too personal when it comes to football. I’m sure you know about this too.

      I must admit that halfway though this game I kinda felt bad for the Jets because I don’t like the same teams going to the Super Bowl- but this feeling changes when it’s my team going. Either way Sanchez wasn’t so terrible. He’s a great player for his age. Maybe next year?

  • fastapproachingmiddleage

    Green Bay! Green Bay! I can’t wait for the game. I really like your blog, and I’m subscribing.

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