Noisy Frat Boys Ruined my Life

When we first moved to this apartment (read about it here), we thought we have found the perfect place to live in. Nice and cozy, close to campus, and as far as we could tell, quiet. We seriously thought we were living in Perfectland. We, however, moved here during the summer and never considered that to be a factor of upcoming trouble. This explains why comes the week before the beginning of Fall, we woke up to the bitter reality that we live surrounded by fraternities.

Look at us, we're chiseled and drunk!

It didn’t take long for us to expect not to get much sleep over the weekends. Sure we could sleep in for the most part, but nothing like wanting to sleep but not being able to because of someone else. Well, humans are creatures of habit and we adapt, so we did. We gave up sleeping with fresh air because the windows had to be kept closed overnight- and we also apologized to the plants for doing this. We learned to stay awake for longer, even if tired. So yes, we did adapt.

The problem with this scenario is that parties are not exclusively a weekend thing- I mean, alcohol is sold all week long, right? Now imagine having to wake up at 5am on Friday to go to work when the frat boys decide to have a party on the Thursday prior. Yes, my thoughts exactly. But this wasn’t like any other party.

When we checked the mail on Wednesday night, we found a note on our building’s front door warning us that the Delta Tau Delta house was having a party the following night. I looked at my wife and muttered something that included the word “police.” As we made our way to the grocery store, I kept whining about how I wasn’t going to be able to sleep at all the following night. I was decided to call the police on the night of the party. Not as a party pooper, but as a girl having to wake up that early to work an eight-hour shift, followed by a class.  But by the time we made it back to the apartment, I remembered that the frat in questions was DTD.

In the same warning on the front door, three DTD guys left their phone numbers- “if we get too loud, give us a call.” Who does that?! I thought at first that this may have been just a courtesy to prevent others to call the proper authority, but I saved one of the numbers just in case. As the time came closer to midnight, the music was booming as if it were coming from the apartment next to us. The more time passed, the less time I had to rest. “We should call.”

I didn’t want to call though, so I sent a text to the number I saved. As polite as possible, I asked for the music to be turned down a bit. And to my surprise, they DID turn the music down. I have always had a negative views of fraternities but I must say that the Delta boys are proof that there is still some hope for our generation.

Yes, noisy frat boys around us ruined the fantasy of the perfect apartment, but at least I was able to sleep some last night. Thank you Delta boys.

-Mrs. This One


3 responses to “Noisy Frat Boys Ruined my Life

  • scriptorobscura

    I can totally relate to what you went through! I have been in similar situations, and I feel for you! You should never have to put up with any type of noise or disturbances of any kind whatsoever. Your home is your sanctuary, and you have a right to live in peace. Your right to sleep and to live in peace is more important than their right to party, and I strongly feel that you should NEVER have to adapt yourself to their noise and their schedules! Again, I sympathize with you! 🙂

    PS: If they are bothering you, you can contact not just the city police, but the campus police instead, who are better suited to handle these types of situations every day. Also, it would be a good idea to send an email or to call and contact directly the office of student life/student affairs and/or the student housing office and file a direct complaint about these students with them. After a few complaints, they will hopefully get the message and shut up and leave you in peace. If they keep on ignoring the complaints, they can face disciplinary action from the university. I have heard of fraternity houses at other universities being given citations and even being shut down and facing loss of privileges and even criminal charges for their behavior. Don’t ever feel like you have to adapt or put up with such noisy and disturbing behavior. There is always something else that can be done! 🙂

    • Mrs. This One

      Thank you! These are great tips. It’s funny I wrote this because as if I were guessing it, that same night there was a party. Actually, I can hear one right now. Next week I’ll check on my options.

      To be honest though, I can deal. We might move over the summer- not because of noise, but because of pets- so who knows.

      Thanks again!


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