Summer: Looking Ahead

Birthday dinner awaits!

When I was little, I always looked forward to going to college. According to the mainstream movies, college was all about going to class, hanging out with friends, tailgating and football games. According to the harsh reality, college is all about trying to keep up with homework while also having a real job, being sleep deprived, and never being able to do anything else. So here we are looking at what our summer schedules will look like.

Although I am excited with the prospect of taking French, Political Violence and a class about Congress, I can already tell that the possibility of having a somewhat relaxing summer is slim at best. Studying abroad won’t be an option either- because as crazy amazing as it sounds, we’ve realized that we can’t afford to leave for a month and not work. But the opportunity will come around again, I’m sure.

This isn’t a negative post though- staying busy is always gonna better than not being busy, right? And in light of being busy, I gotta go take the Mrs. out for her birthday dinner. After debating for so long, we decided to go to Stefan’s at L.A. Farm.

-Mrs. This One

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