The End of the Birthday Saga

Yes, that’s right, I’m ending the birthday post saga, and I must say, it has been one of the best birthdays so far! We got to sleep in until 10 (which is actually late for us), and then my wife convinced me (which wasn’t very hard) to go to one of our favorite places in Santa Monica for breakfast, Jinky’s Cafe. If you ever get the chance, and are a fan of chili/chili omelets, you must try this place!

We then proceeded to drive to Hollywood, in the rain (which was a great birthday gift!), to get my wife’s watch strap replaced. We then had to come home for the afternoon and study (lame!), but I was almost too excited to concentrate. I was ready for Stefan’s at LA Farm, the restaurant of one of the participants on Top Chef.

We arrived  few minutes early for our reservation, and the hostess proceeded to show us to our table, which was next to a little fire pit. I had looked at the menu online many times/read all the Yelp! reviews so I pretty much already knew what I wanted. For our “small plates” (read: tapas), which were essentially a couple bites, we ordered the king crab leg (can’t go wrong with that), the PBR shrimp tempura (also easy to do, but this was special somehow; great dipping sauce!), thai crab and lobster bisque (gotta love lemongrass), and the cedar plank salmon (the waiter messed this up, we received it after our entrees, and it tasted funny so we sent it back).

So far, I was very impressed. The complimentary bread basket was also very good, but I wanted to save room for the main courses. I got the duck breast with the pretzel gallet and braised red cabbage, and my wife ordered the veal chop with fingerling potatoes. The duck breast was one of the best I’ve ever had, if not the best duck I’ve had that isn’t Peking, and I even liked the cabbage, even though I am not a fan. My wife’s veal was so tender and the fat on it was nice and crusted… Just thinking about it is making my mouth water!

For dessert, we ordered coffee and split the Nutella panna cotta and the raspberry parfait. I was ready to be rolled out of there, but not before paying two days wages for the meal… Yes, it was fantastic, and honestly, I wish that I could go back once a week, but this was definitely not in the budget for us poor college students. We’ll be eating ramen for a week, but it was worth it! All and all, I’d say that was a birthday to remember, and I’m just happy I had my wife to share it with. Mark my words, I’ll be back!

-Mrs. That One


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