I’m beginning to question why on earth I ever thought blogging once a day would be a trip to the park. As of right now I’m putting off finishing a major project just so I can fulfill this silly goal of mine. At the very least, this is one of the few times I’ve ever felt like I’m not leaving something in the middle. This is only February though.

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is research. It’s nonsensical really because I don’t want to be a professor- that’s the Mrs.’ business. But there’s this curious part of me who always wants to learn and know more. And I mean, why not do research? College is certainly the best time to approach this thing.

So here I am begging a professor to let me into his research seminar even though I don’t have the prerequisites to enroll. The seminar will be offered next spring and it’s, of course, about China. The professor just emailed back tonight and said he might be willing to waive the requirements- but I do need to send him my resume. Gee, I didn’t know I was applying for a job.

Really all the guy must want to know it’s my research background. Well, I don’t have any! I thought that was the purpose of this seminar… So do I need research to do research? Give me a break…

Any tips on what this resume should look like? I’m gonna assume my work history is irrelevant. Might be the same for my Call of Duty skills.

-Mrs. This One

2 responses to “Research

  • Karin

    I wouldn’t assume that work history is irrelevant. And I fully understand what you are saying, as it seems to be like that with jobs, they want you to have the background, but don’t allow you to even get hired for entry level without a background. WHAT?!?!

    I would do a basic resume, highlighting any work skills that might prompt “research,” and then add any “research” or seminars you attended in an additional section on the resume. Being creative will come in handy in this process of preparing your resume. Or email the professor back and ask what he is looking for in a resume to get into a seminar.

    • Mrs. This One

      Yes! This guy is getting really serious about this stuff that he wants from me. Unfortunately my work history might not be research-relevant. But I do have some extra-curricular that I can adjust to look relevant.

      I think I’ll Google a bit to see if I can find some samples. Then maybe go from there?


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