Whoever Said Having a Pet was Perfect Practice Before Having a Baby…

Has never had a dog.

The in-laws are in town- and in case you’re wondering, we’ve told them the good news already. We’re supposed to celebrate tonight. In the mean time, my wife is with her family having breakfast somewhere in downtown L.A. I didn’t join them because I have two midterms on Tuesday, so I’m studying. But because I didn’t join them, I was asked to look over JJ, my sister-in-law’s chihuahua.

If you’ve been reading us for a while, you’d know that we live in an apartment where we can’t have pets. Having an animal in the building could be a reason for lease termination. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled about JJ coming to hang with me, but I can’t say no to the in-laws; specially not now that I’m “officially” part of the family.

So I go to my study chair (comfy enough that you can sit in it for hours and study) while JJ sits on the couch. After the door closes behind my wife and her family, I look over to JJ and I flinch hoping he would just stay put. Two seconds later he rushes to the door and starts whining- this means I rush right behind him and bring him back to the couch. I pet him for a bit and he stops whining. I go back to my chair.

Ten minutes later I get hungry and make some lunch. I eat in my study chair while the UCLA vs. St. John’s game is on (we’re winning by the way- Go Bruins!). JJ starts whining again. I text my wife. My sister-in-law calls. I ask if she’s fed him and she said he ate right before they got here. He also did his business right before that. We get off the phone. He stops whining.

Five minutes later he begins to whine again. So here I am sitting with him, with a blanket over him, petting him. This is the only way to keep him quiet. Trying to avoid a lease termination. No more studying for midterms, but at least the game is still on.

If JJ were a baby, I could just give him a bottle, change his diaper and he would go to sleep. This way, I could be studying for my midterms quietly. In short, babies are nothing like dogs and vice versa.

-Mrs. This One


12 responses to “Whoever Said Having a Pet was Perfect Practice Before Having a Baby…

  • Karin

    All I can say is…OH YES!!! lol
    I worked as a nanny for infants and toddlers for 7 plus years and when I got my puppy (at 8 weeks old) last year I thought I could totally handle it! How different could it be than a newborn, plus we had adopted a 1 year old dog many years ago, and had no issues. O-M-G! I spent a lot of time telling my husband to take him back!! I needed a dog-nanny!! Way, way, way more work than a kid. Of course when dogs are a year old, you are pretty much done with all the “baby” stuff, then with a kid that goes on til like 58.

    • Mrs. This One

      This was hilarious! Thank you for sharing 🙂

      You have a point though, if you have a kid, the responsibility goes up until 58.

      But puppies can be quite the lot. I had a puppy once who wouldn’t eat unless you fed him with a bottle. It took him about 7 months and a half to finally start eating by himself.

      I can’t wait to have a puppy again though. But it might be bad for business because I might take pictures of it all day and turn this blog to be all about him/her. Just kidding! I think.


      • Karin

        Surprisingly I didn’t start off blogging about my dogs for a while. I was too busy trying to entertain the puppy. I do now, but I try and keep it to only a few posts a month.

    • Mrs. This One

      So you pretty much know how it goes 🙂

      It all goes back to Marly and Me… I think.


  • Kayla

    Hahaha, so true. While kids and animals have some similar qualities, you’d be cray cray to say they’re interchangeable.

    Also, for a hilarious cartoon about animals (which I think you might enjoy?), peep this:


  • Simone Benedict

    Aww, the little cute baby in the pink sweater reminds me of my lil toddler guy except he’s a chiweenie. How cute!

    You’re right. Pets don’t prepare you for human young’uns. I’ve been learning that over the past several years. Personally, I think kids are easier.

    • Mrs. This One

      They can be… I’ve taken care of toddlers before and yes they can get out of hand sometimes but they run out of energy eventually and fall asleep. Dogs, not so much. They roam around and never stop. This is why I would never ever get a Beagle- or a Jack Russell. Ever.


  • mairedubhtx

    I enjoyed reading your dog-sitting experience. I have a 5 year old rescued Japanese Chin. We had an elderly cat who died several months ago and Ernie misses her. Now I am thinking about getting a companion for Ernie. In fact, that weekend Ralphie (another rescue, but only 10 months old) is coming for the weekend to see how they get along. Both are rather laid back so I’m hoping for a good outcome and that Ernie will have a brother soon. Little dogs like JJ are really difficult to care for, and chihauhaus are notoriously difficult. My daughter’s bit me when I was house-sitting for them in August and had to be quarantined since the bits became infected and I had to see the doctor who had to report the bit to Animal Care Services. He wasn’t up to date on shots so he was quarantined for 5 days. It caused a huge rift in our family. My daughter wanted me to lie and say I was bitten by an unknown dog. (That would have subjected me to rabies shots. Obviously she likes the dog more than she does me.) The irony was that I paid for the shots and quarantine and my daughter didn’t speak to me for over a month. Pako is spoiled rotten. I would much rather have taken care of a baby. They don’t bite.

    • Mrs. This One

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      That was quite the story. I had a roommate who owned two chihuahuas and she was overtly protective of them. Well, of one of them. She would sometimes throw the other one on the street (after the dog had destroyed shoes or a cellphone) and I would have to go after the dog and hang in the car with it until my roommate would fall asleep.

      It never made any sense- especially in your situation… if a dog bites, why not look into it so you don’t get surprised later.


  • CJ

    Really enjoyed this post!

    I have two kids and no dogs. While I don’t think parenthood is a walk in the park, I think I’m more prepared to have a third child than I would be to have one dog (and I’m only remotely prepared to have a third child).

    I do take issue with your assertion that, “If JJ were a baby, I could just give him a bottle, change his diaper and he would go to sleep. This way, I could be studying for my midterms quietly.” This has never been my experience with kids. My kids aren’t big fans of sleep. But I do nurse, so until they were about one, there was usually about one time a day I could bank on nursing them non-stop so I could have some quiet time to read or blog or attend on online conference (which I did last spring with my son on my lap). After age one, they have their own agenda and all bets are off.

    Even so, I think kids are easier than dogs, all told.

    • Mrs. This One

      Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

      I do understand that kids are a little bit more difficult than that. I lucked out though, I’ve seen two of my little sisters grow since they were babies and I’ve cared for them every now and then to help out my mom. Lucky me those two really like to sleep. Maybe not so much now that they’re a bit older but when they were little, I could play with them for a couple of hours and boom! they would fall on the bed like rocks.

      I never did appreciate being woken up at 5am for food though. Never.


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