After midterm 1:

Me: How did it go?

Classmate: That midterm sucked. I totally flunked that. There goes my 4.0.

Me: (Thinking) Really? I thought it was easy. (Saying) Oh I know, it was hard.

After midterm 2:

Professor: Are you sure you’re done?

Me: (Saying) Oh I’m more than sure. (Thinking) Am I?


Maybe studying does payoff. I wish I could brag about it instead of listening to classmate after classmate complaining about a test which I thought clearly covered what we should know by now. Sure we all make mistakes but if that 4.0 kid flunked that test, he didn’t deserve a 4.0 to begin with.

Professor, I know you may be used to some students who don’t do anything, but I actually pay attention to you in class and do the readings because I find this thing interesting.

Readers, time to sleep for reals for the first time in five days…


-Mrs. This One


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