So we went out to a movie tonight with a couple of friends. Halfway through the meet, the Mrs. elbows me and tells me, “honey, you’re being a bitch.” Here’s the thing, this friend of ours is always contradicting me in everything I say. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy- I just wish he knew that everything isn’t about him.

But at what point do I know what I’m saying? I’m just trying to have a good time, make some conversation, and well, nothing other than that. But he went on about something really small, and even though he knew I was right, he kept contradicting me regardless. Try to argue with a soon-to-be (or more accurately, eventually-to-be) lawyer and you’ll get an endless exchange of words.

I need a you’re-being-too-mean meter at this point. Maybe I’ve been married long enough that other people bother me. Or maybe it’s really just him. I think I need to stay away from caffeine for a little while.


2 responses to “Mean-o-Meter

  • tnavarra

    This is funny because last semester, a friend of mine had the girls over for Hannukah at her place and her home friend came by — hes in law school. And he was soooo arrogant, and made comments about me being too young to understand, or a girl so I wouldn’t get it — meanwhile, he was a year older and plain ridiculous. He kept refering to his friends as his “law school friends” and never caught on to us making fun of him for it the entire night– I suppose they’re not all that smart!

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