Valentine’s Day

There’s no doubt in my mind that Valentine’s Day is a made-up holiday that benefits no one but businesses. Think about it- you’ll buy flowers and take your girl or dude out to dinner for an over-priced meal if you’re with someone. And if you’re single, you’ll go out and get chocolate because you’re not with someone.

Sure, I didn’t like this day during my teens as no matter how many people I dated, I always ended up single that day. But that’s not the case anymore. Not only do I have a date this time, but I have the best date. So what is my problem with D day now? That I know what is like to be alone in a day that was fabricated to make the single ones feel lonely because they’re single.

So I’m glad this thing will happen on a Monday. We’ll work, then go home and study for the midterm we have on Tuesday. As for the rest of you- celebrate if you must. And don’t worry about having that someone next to you if she/he isn’t there just yet.

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