Paying Our Dues

I’ve feel like I’ve been needing to take a deep breath for a while. At the end of last quarter, I thought that school couldn’t get any more stressful than it was last quarter, and I was truly looking forward to this quarter because of the classes I decided to take (History of Rome from Caesar to Constantine; Seminar on the Russian Revolution with my thesis advisor, Prof. G; Intro to Sociological Theory with my wife). Boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Let me clarify, it’s not that I’m not enjoying my classes. I am loving them. I know my wife is loving her classes, too (for the most part…). I just had no idea that this much stress was possible! Both my wife and I are working 24 hours per week (her: MWF; me: MWThF) and are taking more than full time units (her: 15!; me: 13). This leaves very little time for things like sleep, cleaning, or cooking, which, ultimately puts more stress back on us (no time to cook leads to paying for meals leads to more time devoted to working to earn money leads to less time used on homework leads to less time being able to sleep leads to sleeping when we should be doing things like cooking or cleaning… repeat).

Long story short, I’m looking forward to a bit of R&R over spring break. We are visiting my wife’s family in the South, and I have never been anywhere that I consider “southern” (I went to Orlando to Disney World a couple times… not really the “south”). I’m very excited to start in Atlanta and work our way inland to Alabama. I think it’ll be a good trip, but I’m not sure how much relaxing I’ll be able to do since I’m quite nervous about meeting my wife’s family.

I have higher (farther) places I’d like to go as well. Today, as always, I got a deal in my inbox for TravelZoo. I decided to poke around the site a bit because I had a few minutes to kill. I was bombarded by deals across the Atlantic for $499 4 nights in Dublin (air and hotel included) and Paris for $1099 for a week (air and hotel included), and I couldn’t help but daydream about the future when we’ll be able to travel more…. But for now, we will continue to pay our dues as starving, working, married students trying to support ourselves and each other without going crazy. Wish us luck for our last month of class this quarter (we need it!).


5 responses to “Paying Our Dues

  • Karin

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Keep dreaming….it is a long struggle, or at least it feels that way. My hubby and I are still dreaming of the day.
    Sometimes I want to punch life in the face πŸ˜‰

    • Mrs. This One

      It does feel that way! If you’re going to do that, let me know and I’ll hold life for you.

      This is though… we won’t be in college forever. And let’s face it, we might even miss it when we’re done with it.


      • Karin

        No we won’t be in college forever, why…because it costs to much lol.
        I don’t think I will miss it, I am ready to get on with life…being nearly 31 😦 I have a lot more things I wish to do with my time…like traveling…oh wait….LIFE HOLD STILL….NO DUCKING!

    • Mrs. This One

      I agree! It costs way too much!

      I hope you get to travel soon- I know we’d like to do the same. I know school sometimes feels like forever but I almost gasp every time I remember that we’re graduating next year (*gasp!*).


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