That’s All I’m Saying

I’ve spent most of today doing laundry, washing dishes, resting and taking it easy. If you wonder why this is such a big deal for me to even start my writing with it, then you haven’t had the weeks I’ve had. Due to course load and work, we have both paid little attention to the apartment. Sure, you’d think we’d find the time to clean at least once a week, but in the past several weeks (months, really), if we’re not at school or work, all we want to do is rest.

At first I was able to cope fine. Then I spent 3/4 of Winter 2011 sick, so we realized it was stress-related. Physical pain, anxiety, headaches, stomachache; you name it- I probably went through it. So I decided to drop a class. Mind you, this wasn’t just any class- this was the class that was killing me (literally).

I did terrible in the midterm. Well, that’s really subjective. The professor chopped off a whole letter grade because I used a different word to the one she was looking for, and because according to her I didn’t mention something even though I did mention it. I had a presentation and this lady grilled me. Making sure to announce to the whole class that I was wrong. But when my classmate was wrong, she’d simply say, “well kinda but it was different.”

Did she hate me? I’m not sure. I’d rather think this wasn’t personal… I just feel like a different person knowing that I will not be dealing with that anymore. I can breath now. I can gather myself again. My wife said I’m smiling again.

For the time being I will try to pay more attention to my current classes and make sure I finish this quarter alright. Then on Monday, when I get to register for Spring, I need to be a little bit more selective as to what classes I take. Maybe use tools like or Oh by the way, when I looked up this professor’s rating on those websites (silly me, for not doing it before), EVERYONE said she was the worst professor they’ve ever had.

All I have to say is that professors should be out there to teach and help the student. That’s all I’m saying.


2 responses to “That’s All I’m Saying

  • mairedubhtx

    We’ve all had one of those professors in university, I had a philosphy teacher like that; if you weren’t a parrot of everything he said he would mark you down. Then there are the professors who don’t show up for class. You wait around for them and they never soon. And we couldn’t even complain to the Department Chair because he was it!
    Great post. I could really relate to it.

    • Mrs. This One

      I’m glad I’m not the one.

      My wife wants to be a college professor and I always tell her to be good to her students. That I’ll even come to class in disguise to keep her in check. She knows I’d do it too 🙂


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