Surprise Dinner… Sorta

Today marks the third day I’ve gone without working (not consecutively). Two were mental health days and today happens to be President’s Day (we forgive you if you didn’t know today was a holiday, since it doesn’t even feel like one). So because I have been enjoying myself lately and my honey has a couple of papers due this week, I decided to surprise her with dinner.

She was supposed to be back from work around 3pm today. She doesn’t take a lunch so she can get home earlier so I knew she would be hungry. If you wonder why dinner would be a surprise, well… let’s just say tonight was my first time cooking in years (cooking a whole meal, not just a side or such). So I figured I could walk to the store (she takes the car to work), get the stuff for dinner, for an appetizer, and get back in time to cook before she got here.

I did mine with peas- and to the chops, I added a can of cream of mushrooms.

By the time I made it home, she called me- which meant she was leaving work. Which also meant I was nowhere near ready to surprise her. Perhaps you could say she had surprised me at this point. I decided to go ahead with the appetizer: Shrimp and asparagus bruschetta. I needed to get some tin foil to put this stuff in the oven and that’s when I realized we were out of it. I didn’t have enough time to go back to the store before she got here so my surprise was pretty much ruined at this point.

We did have rosemary and garlic simmered pork chops with mashed potatoes and peas for dinner. Not quite a surprise at the end, but the Mrs. loved it. And that’s truly all that matters to me.

-Mrs. This One


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