One’s GPA is a Very Misleading Number

So I’ve enrolled for two classes for next quarter and I will be able to enroll on a third one in a week. Let me tell you something, this was not easy. After hours and hours of browsing for classes and professor reviews, I think I’ve found some interesting classes.

For my third class however, I was torn among two history classes, a writing class, and a Russian culture class. One of the history classes, is about the Arab states in the Ottoman Empire, the other one about both World Wars. The writing class is about comedy writing. The Russian culture class is self explanatory (I think) and I would have my wife as a classmate.

Since I am taking a class on international relations of the Middle East, the class about the Ottoman Empire would give me some background that I definitely don’t have. I am obsessed with war, hence why I’d like to take the class about the World Wars. Obsessed in the sense that I’d love to understand why people go to war- not because of any morbid reason. However the professor has gotten TERRIBLE reviews. The Russian culture class sounds interesting and I could take it with the Mrs. And the writing class is just gonna be an easy class.

If you asked me what I want to take, I’d say the Wars class. Why isn’t this choice easier? Because of what happen with this quarter’s class. It sounded interesting and I thought I was learning, but I was about to screw my GPA. Lesson to be learned: GPAs are bringing down student quality because everyone wants to take the easy class. Sad, but true.

2 responses to “One’s GPA is a Very Misleading Number

  • mairedubhtx

    The same thing is happening to my granddaughters in high school. They are in some honors classes, which are harder than Pep Squad (well, a different kind of hard), But you can take all easy classes and get the high GPA or take the harder, more interesting classes and not do as well, and there goes your GPA. Personally, I would take the class on the Ottoman Empire (not that you asked my advice) since it relates to your international relations class, but the wars class would, too. Russian culture would be interesting; I audited a history of the Soviet Union class 1,000 years ago (not really, in 1970-71) and it was fascinating. I would steer clear of the prof with the bad ratings. Get into something you’d like but won’t kill your GPA. Good luck.

    • Mrs. This One

      Thank you for the tips and I’m sorry to hear about your granddaughter- I sure know I’m not in the best position with this stuff.

      My choices keep narrowing down because my enrollment appt. isn’t until tomorrow and two of the classes I was considering are already full. So comes tomorrow, I might not even be able to get into any of the classes I mentioned and end up with some other weird class.

      We sure are overcrowded in this school.


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