Might Be Working

My new philosophy might be working.

I worked today and it was a long day for the time I was there, but afterwards my day became amazing. I went to class, then we went to Bubba Gump, watched Cedar Rapids, and now we’re watching Dinner for Schmucks.

Today in class I realized how much I love problem solving. Not to be a geek about this, but I think I’ve found my life-long passion. It makes sense- I love figuring out stuff. All the time.

Bubba Gump was orgasmic. I’ve been craving peel and eat shrimp for a long time. And that is just what we have. But really the crab legs were truly the good stuff. Something we can’t really afford usually, but tonight we were celebrating.

When my wife suggested Cedar Rapids, I thought she was kidding and I went into the movie with little expectations. To my surprise, this movie was hilarious. If you want to laugh, this is the stuff to watch. I mean that.

And now Dinner for Schmucks… maybe if I stop blogging, I can enjoy it more.

So what did I do different today? I enjoyed the day. I didn’t think about the finals that I have coming up (knowing that I’d be studying tomorrow and Sunday), I didn’t think about work, I didn’t think about the little things that I couldn’t do anything about at the moment.

What a great night… can’t wait to repeat this again.

-Mrs. This One

6 responses to “Might Be Working

  • tnavarra

    I think it’s great that you’re finding time to enjoy the little things! I’ve been trying this lately myself and even though the gym or reading might not seem too relaxing to some, its better than stressing about school and work 24/7!

    ..I didn’t think Dinner for Schmucks was very funny though..


  • Mrs. This One

    Gym and reading would probably be my only ways to relax. What are you reading?

    Dinner for Schmucks was neither funny or good. It was just okay. Cedar Rapids was waaaaay better. In every sense of the word.


  • mairedubhtx

    It’s good that you’ve found a passion. Now when you look for a job, you will know what will make you want to get up in the morning and go to work–problem-solving. It’s the kind of thing you’re either good at or not. Good for you that you found that are good at it and love it. I’ll check out Cedar Rapids; I hadn’t heard of it before (I’m a bit sheltered).

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