Here’s a Dollar!

It seems I’m going to start to set up a reminder to be able to remember to keep up with my daily blogging. On Monday night we went to see “The Adjustment Bureau” and we fell asleep as soon we got home. Then last night I just… got to busy with my research project. Lucky for you (or me!), I am not able to use remote access until 9pm to continue with my research project, so I have a few minutes to spare and write.

My wife’s aunt’s birthday is coming up in a couple of days. I wasn’t aware of this until today and since she doesn’t live in California, we kinda already missed our chance on sending something that she’d get on or before her big day. However we decided to still send something even if it gets there late.

So I asked my wife what she thinks we should send her. “A card?” she suggested, but that didn’t seem enough to me. “With money?” I said as a joke since she always gives us a card with money on birthdays or Christmas and stuff. My suggestion prompted my wife to remember a story I’d now like to share with you. She’d write it herself but she’s working on a research paper as I type this.

During her grandma’s birthday, my wife was thinking of what to get her. At this time my honey was barely seven. She ended up coming up with something and giving it to her grandma (Nana). It was a card. Nana then opened the card and found a dollar in it. When she looked at her seven-year-old granddaughter, the little girl replied that a dollar was all she had. Nana then told her to keep it to buy candy because that’d be a better present for her. My wife gave her a dollar because on her own birthday, people gave her cards with money in it and she just thought that’s what you give people on their birthdays.

Isn’t that the cutest story ever? Sure I’m too biased on this but I just thought I’d share. Time to do some research. Have a great night everyone!

-Mrs. This One

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