Love Has to be More Than This

A few Red Bulls later and I’m still ready to go to bed. I suppose I haven’t recovered all the hours lost to studying for finals.

Love has to be more than this...

We are currently watching 500 Days of Summer. I love this movie. The first time I watched it, by myself, in a movie theater, I was going through some hard times getting over a girl. And I’d like to think that this movie was the reason why I got through it.

I used to hang on to the good things that happened between this girl and I, disregarding all the bad things. Never gave those a second thought. I thought it was love. No, I convinced myself that it was love. But this movie made me think about my mistakes. How I made my own little fantasy and there was nothing real about it.

Once I met real, my wife, I understood even more what my problem was. The sad part is that I see the person I used to be in others. People just settle because they don’t think there’s anything better than what they have (or what they think they have).

I know it’s hard letting go of something because we’re socialized to think that something is better than nothing. We are socialized to think that love is sensationalist.

-Mrs. This One


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