Blogging From the South

So we’ve arrived! I think we slept less than 2 hours last night as we were headed to Atlanta, Georgia in an AirTran red eye. There were three seats per row which meant we had to share our row with someone else. Luckily for us, the lady sitting by the window was quiet and minding her own business.

I’m not sure what we were hoping for that flight but nothing good (other than being safe on the ground) came out of it. We arrived at the LAX airport minutes before 8pm for a very early check in (our flight didn’t depart until 11:59pm). We had to drop off my friend who was flying to Colorado to see her family so we figured it was better to just stay at the airport. Thanks to the lack of readily-available friends to drive us to the airport, we decided to park at LAX…

To our surprise the AirTran service counter was closed. They wouldn’t open for another half hour and we decided to simply wait in line. Something curious happened the made that waiting time go faster though… Ever heard of Kate Beckinsale? Yes, she was the actress in Underworld but if you don’t know her, you’re probably not the only one.

Right next to us there were two guys wearing black sunglasses and looking awfully suspicious. After a while I realized that they were paparazzis- the big hint being the gigantic cameras they were each holding. “Who is it?” everyone kept asking. When they got ready for the action, I finally saw these two ladies coming. Then Kate walked by my side, I looked at her smile and I recognized her (I’m a big Underworld fan… and a fan of her accent as well). The people next to us were still trying to figure out who it was. My wife didn’t recognized her either- although she was wearing pretty big sunglasses.

After the drama, the counter opened, and because people had started a second line, we didn’t get to check in when we should have- people that got there even after the counter opened were seen before us. We didn’t check in until about 9:30pm.

Justice was made when we were in the long line prior to the security check when a lady had us go a different way and we cut about 40 people in front us. I won’t lie, it was pretty sweet after waiting to check in for so long.

The waiting area for our gate was so packed that there wasn’t one seat available. So we decided to go to this seafood restaurant for dinner. This was probably one of the good parts of our flying experience. I had a filet mignon and the Mrs. had a swordfish sandwich. Pretty delicious stuff.

Then we went back out to wait, sitting on the floor, reading the Wall Street Journal (since the LA Times was all gone at the stand). Our flight was delayed 30 minutes (of course). Once in the plane, I sat down and the person behind me kicked my seat twice. I already knew that I was in for a treat.

We slept as much as we could, but woke up several times also. Once we arrived, I discovered that someone in the row before us spilled orange juice on my backpack… getting to at least one of my textbooks…

Then the long drive to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. We originally flew to Atlanta because we thought we were going to be able to go about the city. Little did we know. We could barely keep our eyes open.

My parents seem to really like my wife and she seems to like them. So I’m pretty content for now. My mom keeps saying that I need to be good to my wife and I keep telling her that she’s supposed to tell my wife to be good to me.

Tired still so I think I’m gonna stop here.

-Mrs. This One


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