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To Be or Not to Be

We are just finishing up watching “The Joneses.” I wanted to see if when it came out on theaters, but never got a chance to. It just seemed like an interesting concept, you know? Get paid to pretend to be the perfect family? Have all the nice stuff everyone wants? But what isĀ it that we all want?

If you ask my mom, she’d say she wants money. If you ask my dad, he’ll ask for a new truck. If you ask my brother… perhaps a new pair of shoes. If you ask me, to grow old with my wife.

I know it sounds cheesy and all but that isn’t my intention. I just really don’t get why we all kill ourselves over things that aren’t really all that important in the end. Sure, I absolutely love my new Mac, but I could never exchange spending another day with my wife over anything else.

I always wished my family were more family oriented. That they would cherish one another over anything else. But all I can do at this point is to avoid their mistakes. And love the little things.

Mrs. This One

The C Word

When my mother-in-law informed us that she was recently tested to see if she carries the “cancer gene,” my eyes filled up with tears before I could even fully comprehend the extend of the situation.

Sure, my wife and I have talked about this. A lot. Her mom had and survived breast cancer a few years back and there is a big likelihood that my wife could get breast cancer as well. The first time we talked about this, I cried. The second time I thought about it, I cried. And even as I write this, I cry. Sure, she might not ever have to deal with it, but the odds are pretty much against us.

My mother-in-law mentioned that my wife should get other things looked at and asked if she were going to bear children in the future. We had agreed in the past that the child-bearing would be my department, but if for some reason, I am unable to have children, then my wife would pick up the slack. But thinking of how we could pass on a gene to others makes our prior discussion incomplete at best.

As soon as my wife’s mom gets the results back, we will decide on whether my wife needs to get tested or not. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to such results.

-Mrs. This One

About Blogging and Comments

I’m now blogging from my brand new MacBook Pro- never have I felt so childish lately. It is true that during my first class back in freshman year I dreamed of a new computer, but I was able to do for three years without one.

So it happens that on Thursdays, I now have class from 9am until well about 6pm. Do you know what writing with a pen for that long can do to your hand? Well, I couldn’t write with mine until this morning.

My old and slow HP laptop had to be plugged in order to function. The battery doesn’t hold charge, and on top of that, the AC adapter gave up on me as well. So I was looking at spending 400 dollars to fix my old computer. But even then, I didn’t know if that laptop would be able to stay on the battery for that long on Thursdays since I don’t have any plugs around me in this quarter’s classes.

I did a little research and along with the wife, we decided I needed a new computer anyway. Typing on this machine is almost magical, I must say.

We are currently visiting my in-laws in Arizona. Bear with me on the comments, I will reply as soon as time permits. But please, do comment away!

-Mrs. This One

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