The C Word

When my mother-in-law informed us that she was recently tested to see if she carries the “cancer gene,” my eyes filled up with tears before I could even fully comprehend the extend of the situation.

Sure, my wife and I have talked about this. A lot. Her mom had and survived breast cancer a few years back and there is a big likelihood that my wife could get breast cancer as well. The first time we talked about this, I cried. The second time I thought about it, I cried. And even as I write this, I cry. Sure, she might not ever have to deal with it, but the odds are pretty much against us.

My mother-in-law mentioned that my wife should get other things looked at and asked if she were going to bear children in the future. We had agreed in the past that the child-bearing would be my department, but if for some reason, I am unable to have children, then my wife would pick up the slack. But thinking of how we could pass on a gene to others makes our prior discussion incomplete at best.

As soon as my wife’s mom gets the results back, we will decide on whether my wife needs to get tested or not. Needless to say, I am not looking forward to such results.

-Mrs. This One


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