To Be or Not to Be

We are just finishing up watching “The Joneses.” I wanted to see if when it came out on theaters, but never got a chance to. It just seemed like an interesting concept, you know? Get paid to pretend to be the perfect family? Have all the nice stuff everyone wants? But what is it that we all want?

If you ask my mom, she’d say she wants money. If you ask my dad, he’ll ask for a new truck. If you ask my brother… perhaps a new pair of shoes. If you ask me, to grow old with my wife.

I know it sounds cheesy and all but that isn’t my intention. I just really don’t get why we all kill ourselves over things that aren’t really all that important in the end. Sure, I absolutely love my new Mac, but I could never exchange spending another day with my wife over anything else.

I always wished my family were more family oriented. That they would cherish one another over anything else. But all I can do at this point is to avoid their mistakes. And love the little things.

Mrs. This One


One response to “To Be or Not to Be

  • mairedubhtx

    Your wish about your family resonates with me. I wish I could get my daughter to slow down a bit and remember how important family is, versus having the cleanest house on the block or something similar. Her teen girls are growing up so fast, I realized when I took them to dinner on Sunday. In no time, they will be gone and on their own. We need to take time to enjoy each other.

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