Law School Admissions: Personal Statement

I’ve begun the personal statement I will send to law schools in less than six months. Unlike my undergrad statement, which I wrote on the same day I applied and only edited twice, I decided to be a little more responsible with this one. For someone whose GPA is continually in decline, and who doesn’t feel that strongly about her LSAT score (aka Me!), it would be plain dumb not to make sure to perfect every other part of her application.

I started the first paragraph describing my background with as few words as possible. Though I’d love to brag about how I invented powerful milkshakes that could make me invisible to others when I was five, I chose to stick to the situations that changed me forever- like growing up in an unstable home.

Afterward, I moved on to my college years, and excelling while committing my time to serve the community. Sure I think there was an accomplishment in being able to write an essay over night while drinking two cans of Red Bull at the same time, but I’m sure my studying habits are a little irrelevant… even if a job was the reason I stayed up late most school nights to finish my homework and papers.

Though I still have a little more to say, and this statement will have very different versions- thanks in part to universities having such different requirements, putting your heart on paper is more difficult than it sounds. There are things I’ve done I’m proud of, but there are also things I’ve gone through that I wish I didn’t have to remember again. But these things are what make me who I am and how that person will contribute something meaningful to the study and practice of law.

I’d say if you find yourself in my situation, don’t procrastinate on this. Law school is a big commitment, and if you can’t even commit to a statement, how will you be able to make a larger commitment?

-Mrs. This One

2 responses to “Law School Admissions: Personal Statement

  • tnavarra

    Sounds like you have you work cut out for you. Good luck with the statement though, I am sure you will come up with something fabulous. Working in the undergraduate admissions office at school means I’ve read my fair share of personal statements and if I can offer one piece of advice it’s this: stand out — don’t write about something that other people can write about with the exact same lessons learned, no matter how huge it might seem… and, don’t write about tearing your ACL.. that one kills me every time.. Haha


  • Mrs. This One

    I’m glad you didn’t have to read mine for my undergrad because that one was really pathetic. I really could have worked more on it. So I will make up for it now.

    What about tearing my ACL? Is this really a popular theme or does your school have a lot of athletes? I really wouldn’t have guessed torn ACLs to be that popular 🙂


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